A little workflow poetry

When I started this little blog I wanted it to be both fun and informative.  Well I can't for certain say it has been informative to everyone who has read it.  So hopefully this next post will add a little fun.

 A workflow haiku

Like a flower grow

with all the power to know

just add some workflow

Poetry attempt number 2

Is your staff working in the blind?

Do feel somehow misaligned?

Do your systems have creaky joints,

and far to many chokepoints?

Are things slower then they should be?

Is data not stored centrally?

Is your data safe from attacks?

Are things falling through the cracks?

A simple answer is what you need

and you will find sucess shall breed.

If not much separates you and them.

You just need some BPM.

OK so it wasn't that good but hey nothing rhymes with workflow.

Do you spend too much time dealing with workflow.

Top 5 indications you spend to many hours dealing with workflow

1) You try to type words like ‘flower’ and ‘workplace’ and end up typing ‘workflow’.

2) You find yourself terms like ‘continuity’,’Process Instance’ and ‘workitem’ like in casual conversation.

3) When you need to cook you find yourself trying to automate as many steps as possible.

4) You say something stupid and wish you had designed your reality to have a rollback function.

5) You find yourself reading this list.