Workflow Wikipedia Style

I have an idea.  It may be a good idea and it may be a very bad idea.  To quote spinal tap – "such a fine line between stupid and clever".  What if most of the way in which a company operates was based around a series of workflow applications that used a single workflow suite.  Now what if you decided to give everyone within the company access to create, modify and delete workflow templates?  Would this be a good idea?

Consider Wikipedia. 

Anyone can access it.  Anyone can modify the information.  It seems to be a well-spring of information the vast majority of which is correct.   

The benefits could be immense.

The Company would adapt quickly to change.  Also if anything happened outside the scope of the workflow the workflow could be quickly adapted so that all information is held together.  There would be no alternative flows because these could easily be catered for in the new system.In short the company would be making its IT systems incrementally better on a daily basis. 

The Risks are enormous

Imagine coming into work one day and some or even all of your core systems do not work.  The problem is many workflows may reference different aspects of many other workflows or systems and changing one could adversely affect many others.  What if changing a workflow sends the wrong information to clients.

What would be required at minimum

Some great things about Wikipedia is that it tracks who made changes, when and why.  It also allows you to easily rollback information to a previous version.  These would be absolute requirements for free for all workflow development environment.

The Workflow Design Studio would need to be as easy to use as something like Wikipedia.

The Workflow Design Studio would need to tell you if you change something what else might be affected.

The Design studio would need to be web based for larger dispersed organizations.

The Design studio would need to ensure that information is not lost when workflow templates are altered.I think some day some small company will try this. 

They will either be very successful or will never want to speak of it in public.