SOA Dead?

In a controversial blog post Anne Thomas Manes of the Burton Group asks the question “Is SOA Dead”?

Well I personally don’t really think so. It may not have been the end all be all that various people have touted it to. That does not mean it will not continue to have its own niche. With the economic downturn a lot of things are heading south and a lot of SOA projects have been put on hold or cancelled. That doesn’t mean they won’t be back. Maybe not with the same wide eyed enthusiasm they once had, however that has been a theme consistent with all new technologies that are introduced.

A final point is that while there may be a lot less SOA activity and there is also a lot less motor vehicle production but it is hardly the time to call the automobile dead.


Double Bill: Commercial vs IT, BPM vs SOA

Christopher Koch writes an interesting article about SOA and BPM, and I think I will weigh in on this debate. 

The Koch Article

In short it is about the disconnect between IT and the commercial side of a business.  It argues that in workflow/BPM business has found its champion to bridge the business/IT divide while IT wants to use SOA to fill the gap.

Well there are a few comments I would like to make on this article. 

First BPM is a Service Oriented Architecture in a sense.  It is just that it is not as open and available as most SOA.  BPM/workflow products can act as services and they are part of architecture. 

Second (and let me point out I am in IT and geek blood pumps through me veins) is to never let IT be the guide.  IT will create the most amazing technically challenging things that will be of not value to the business.

To read the referenced article in its entirety (and it is a interesting way to spend a couple of minutes) visit.