Google Adwords

Sorry this post is totally unrelated to the rest of the blog, but hey it is the only blog I have.  Sorry if you are interesting in reading my latest musings on workflow then read no further. 

 The post involves ad words and its spiraling costs.  Not long ago google changed its algorithm for what the minimum cost of a word could be.  It use to be 0.09 AUS per click for some pretty unlikely adwords.  For instance the name of my company and the product (Web and Flo, and Kontinuum respectively) each cost 9 cents.  So if someone searched on our company name it would cost us 9 cents if someone clicked on our paid ad as opposed to our natural listing ad.  Today it costs $13.00. 

This happend a while ago and OK fair enough maybe there were not alot of people searching on our name.  Today I noticed something else.  I have an ad campaign with about 1000 key words it in.  Almost half were disabled.  I went in and increased the cost on many of the disabled keywords so that they would meet the new requirement and thus become enabled.  As soon as I clicked to submit my changes Google increased the minimum cost of some of my other ads.  I increase the minimum payment for some of my other ads and guess what?  Other ads became disabled. 

It was like I was playing a game against Google.  Everytime I agreed to spend a little more money it responded in the very next minute by saying oops the price just went up.  At the rate the Cost per Click is increasing it is only a matter of months before Google has become to cost ineffective for most of its current clients.


Craig Cameron Loves You

This is very off topic for the blog but it is funny and related to the blog so I am going to mention it in hopes it brings a smile.

Every few weeks I goto my blog control panel and check out my stats.  I look at things like where people are coming from, what they are reading and what they searched on to find my blog.  Today I found out that someone seached on ‘Does Craig Cameron love me?’ to find this blog.

I find this funny for a few reasons

1) Someone is asking Google for personal relationship advice

2) Someone expects Google to know which Craig Cameron (a very common name) they are talking about

3) Someone expects Google to know who ‘me’ is

After poking a little fun at this person I just hope this is not someone I know…..