Textiles, Clothing, and Footwear Small Business Program

If you’re in the Australian textiles, clothing, or footwear industries, you may be eligible for government funding for business process improvement and automation through the Small Business Program.  You can find out more about this program here.

If you’re looking for assistance to improve or automate business processes, Web and Flo may be able to help you, and you may be eligible for funding through the program to utilise our software and services.  To find out more about Kontinuum and The Celsus, visit our website or give us a call on (03) 8456 8999.


Say it aint Silo

Much of what we do in the BPM/Workflow space has to due with bridging the gap between business silos within organizations. All businesses of a certain size have them, and in the majority of cases they contribute to inefficiency. However since all businesses have them, are business silos not always a bad thing. Therefore what should you look for to determine when bridging a silo is just, a bridge to far.

Silos come into being for a number of reasons like: companies or generally hierarchical in nature, they may have had mergers and acquisitions, poor planning or just different requirements. Sometimes silos are formed instantly but generally they form over a period of time.

So when is a silo a good thing or at least not all bad?

Well in some cases similar IT systems may be replicated in various degrees within an organization but due to different requirements these may be a requirement. This could be related to the general cultural or geographic requirements of a silo.

Silos provide a level of security. They intrinsically act like firewalls.

Finally there is the possibility of information overload. Putting all the information in one place when the majority of information and features might be visible but inapplicable across the business silos is unwise.

It is important to consider when developing BPM applications what the negative effects will be for technology with respect to silo bridging. It is also important to consider the political effects as well but that is a blog for a different day.

Two things about Workflow Software Practitioners

I came across this Idea in the blog world. It was that every occupation could be summed up as knowing two concepts and then just applying them.

Some of them are for example:
1) Buy Low
2) Sell High

Computer Programming:
1) Idiocy Increases faster than Idiot Proofing
2) All compiling errors boil down to a missing semicolon

Public Relations
1) There’s no such thing as bad press
2) It could always be better

Star Trek
1) Don’t beam down in a red shirt
2) You can always talk evil computers into destroying themselves

So what would be the 2 things about working as a BPMS developer? Well might would be:
1) Make it as configurable as possible
2) Make it as simple as possible

I would be interested in hearing other BPM practitioners describing what there two things are.

SOA Dead?

In a controversial blog post Anne Thomas Manes of the Burton Group asks the question “Is SOA Dead”?


Well I personally don’t really think so. It may not have been the end all be all that various people have touted it to. That does not mean it will not continue to have its own niche. With the economic downturn a lot of things are heading south and a lot of SOA projects have been put on hold or cancelled. That doesn’t mean they won’t be back. Maybe not with the same wide eyed enthusiasm they once had, however that has been a theme consistent with all new technologies that are introduced.

A final point is that while there may be a lot less SOA activity and there is also a lot less motor vehicle production but it is hardly the time to call the automobile dead.

My Christmas and a Happy New Year? (2009 BPM predictions)

Well it is time to say good bye to 2008 and hello to 2009. Will it be a happy new year in IT for all? Will the global economic crisis play scrooge? Here is what some of the experts have to say:




All of them see a slowing of growth but not a contraction. As for my prediction well I am a little bit hopeful that BPM which is viewed by many purchasers of BPM products as a cost cutting technology/exercise will be spared the wrong of the economic turmoil. Well thats it for me for 08. I hope everyone has a happy holiday season.