All We Know is Workflow

This blog is about all things workflow. As of recently, we have now invited members from the Web and Flo team to start contributing to the workflow blog. Web and Flo is an innovative software company who help businesses fix processes, standardise practices and improve operations.

Writers of this blog come from a wide range of backgrounds, and share years of experience and expertise in the business and IT industry. Curriculums and experience within the company include computer science, project management, business development, systems analysts, business automation, information systems, software development, workflow consultants and so on.

This blog is dedicated to providing valuable and interesting insight into workflow and business process management. We encourage you to subscribe to our email list and welcome you all to share comments on anything related to workflow.


One thought on “All We Know is Workflow

  1. I have been thinking about the definition of workflow for a long while.
    What should we understand when we are said workflow. I am working on workflow in emergency departments and I try to characterize the workflow there by field observations. Probably my understanding from workflow is different than those who are talking about automation.
    Therefore, I decided to conduct a concept analysis of workflow. I had opportunity to present my concept analysis as a poster work in American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) 2008 annual meeting. I glad I received a lot of positive feedback about the concept analysis. The full poster can be found at

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