Two things about Workflow Software Practitioners

I came across this Idea in the blog world. It was that every occupation could be summed up as knowing two concepts and then just applying them.

Some of them are for example:
1) Buy Low
2) Sell High

Computer Programming:
1) Idiocy Increases faster than Idiot Proofing
2) All compiling errors boil down to a missing semicolon

Public Relations
1) There’s no such thing as bad press
2) It could always be better

Star Trek
1) Don’t beam down in a red shirt
2) You can always talk evil computers into destroying themselves

So what would be the 2 things about working as a BPMS developer? Well might would be:
1) Make it as configurable as possible
2) Make it as simple as possible

I would be interested in hearing other BPM practitioners describing what there two things are.


4 thoughts on “Two things about Workflow Software Practitioners

  1. Look, if you are doing some work specially business so always you should keep in mind these 2 things..
    1) Buy Low
    2) Sell High
    so, if you are going to say that it is valuable for the user so it is not more attractive as well as important .

  2. For a BPM practitioners the two thing would be:
    1) Quality Software Development
    2) User friendly interfaces

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