How safe is the BPM vendor Market from the follow on effects of the Credit Crunch

To be honest I really don’t know the effects of the credit crunch on BPM but I am just going to state some reasons why it may be a little less susceptible to the credit crunch and some reasons why it may be a little more so.  Again these are just my musings.

Less susceptible

BPM is often purchased because it is a cost savings measure.

BPM may be seen as a saviour to so many issues and may be looked at out of a sense of economic desperation.

BPM offers greater business agility which could be very important to respond to businesses that are in a great state of flux.

More susceptible

Usually a visionary is responsible for getting the momentum going for BPM.  I believe that in times of economic turmoil their ideas may be overlooked as Management is more concerned with key business fundamentals.

For most BPM vendors there is a large initial capital outlay.  This is where BPMSaaS vendors may have an advantage.

My father once told me that historically the best thing to invest in during an economic crisis is waste removal.  Everyone has to have their garbage taken away.  While you could argue that BPM eliminates waste it is not a necessity to the same degree.


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