Workflow/BPM Key Words

I was bored one day.  I mean bored.  So I decided to run a little experiment and find out what are the key words most commonly shown on the homepages of various BPM / Workflow vendors.  I picked 10 vendors based on their location in google for the terms workflow software and Business Process Management.  I did not survey any sites that were not BPM pure plays.  I ran a script to get all the words off these pages then I removed all conjunctions, common words etc.  I also combined derivations of words so manage = management = manager etc.   I came up with over 400 words.  The results of the key words most likely to appear on the homepages were:

Management: All 10 sites

BPM, business, process: 9/10 sites

Solution, Workflow: 6/10 sites

Efficient, Implement, Optimise, Service, Software, Task: 5/10 sites

Automate, Change, Compete, Customer, Design, Fast, Model, Monitor, Project, Streamline, System, Time: 4/10 sites

25 Words were on 3 sites

64 Words were on 2 sites

Over 300 Words were only listed on one site

What does this mean?  Well probably not a whole lot.  But it might give some clues as to what vendors feel are the words best suited to catch potential BPM clients.  It also gives a limited insight into what some purchasing motivations might be.


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