Crossing the Workflow Chasm

I am just reading the book Crossing the Chasm.  To summarize the book (and not do it justice) the book is about the a period in selling whereby clients transition from people who are deem in the early adopter category (people who see a new technology as way to give them a radical technological advantage over thier competitors) to the early majority (those people who see the adoption of the technology as a way to steadily increase the efficiency of thier business). 

The book also a few other categories: the late majority – those who are very trepid to adopt technology and will only jump onboard when they feel they are being left behind, the laggards – those people who will only adopt the technology when they are forced into it, the innovators generally those who came up with the concept or enthusiasts who are just excited by new technology. 

 So what does this have to do with workflow?  Well I think that the market is crossing the chasm if it has not crossed it already.  It has been my experience that the companies who are adopting workflow software are for the most part doing it because they see an incremental efficiency gain.  They are also not willing to place there bets on unproved technology.  An arguement could be made that we are still in the early adopter phase.  Currently some of our clients see it as a way to dramatically alter they way they compete, however these clients may be less tech savvy or in more niche industries.


4 thoughts on “Crossing the Workflow Chasm

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