Workflow Simulation

Over the past couple of weeks we have been including more and more AJAX functionality into our product.  AJAX is quite cool.  It really does enhance the user experience.  It is my personal opinion (I am not speaking for Web and Flo here) that of all the things that people are developing for workflow systems not enough is being done to give users a truly pleasurable experience.  OK pleasurable may not be to strong a word.  I think alot of effort these days is going into modelling and simulation.  Which is alot of use for the tiny percentage of workflow system users who happen to be designing and modelling such high throughput processes that it is really important.  For the vast majority they could not care less.  I believe that many workflow vendors are spending alot of time creating these simulation tools because of the ability to market them not for the actual use to clients.  I guess it may be easier to sell a workflow system that has simulation that you will never use as opposed to one that does not but is easier to use.  Maybe it is just to much selling the sizzle.

PS I may be biased as the companies we deal with are generally smaller.

PSS Also this is just my gut feel and I do not base my assumptions on any hard scientific data.

Please post a comment if you disagree.


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