A pencil the ultimate workflow tool

So what is the most important workflow tool?  According to the BPM Trends diagramming software was the most important BPM tool.  I must say I disagree.  The humble pencil is probably the most widely used.  It just didn’t make the list because it is not a software tool.  Yes no matter how complex or sophisticated the software whenever it comes to initial design the pencil or pen or marker is always the place to start.  Sure other tools can automate, make prettier diagrams, report information or all of the above, but without correct pencil usage not technology is going to save you.  Also the user interface could not be easier to understand.  The design capabilities of the pencil are not limited to the workflow BPM arena either.  With Software, Automobile, Graphics, Interior, Building, Landscaping Design generally the pencil is the best place to start.


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