Are you WANC compliant?

I am a bit tired of all these so-called standards for workflow running around these days.  In fact I am a little tired for alot of these so-called standards that are plaguing the IT industry in general.  Many of these standards are simply marketing tools.  So I have decided to release my own standard as a silent protest.  The Workflow Area Network Control Standard pronounced Wank.  In order for a site or product to comply with this standard somewhere in the site or product you must have written: This site is WANC Compliant.

I know this will have gone to far when some day someone tells me with great pride that thier site or product is WANCs Compliant or I get a call to do some WANC consultancy.

Show your support against meaningless standards and support this equally meaningless standard by becoming WANC Compliant Today!!!!


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