Workflow Trends

For those of you who don't know I live in Australia.  As such the trends in Australia with respect to workflow and BPM are behind parts of the world and ahead of other parts of the world.  In this little post I will be discussing the workflow trends I am seeing from here in Australia and this may not reflect other places.

First from what I can tell more and more businesses are adopting workflow although government is still a little behind.  I think that in Australia we are still at the early adopter phase.  As for its growth it is a bit hard to tell.  I can look at our websites and say that we increase on average by 10% a month but this doesn't mean that the demand is growing by 10% a month (although that would be nice). 

Another aspect is that smaller companies are realizing that workflow is becoming more of an issue.

Finally the reasons for purchase are a little different.  It used to be all about cost savings, and while the is still a large part of it the trend is more towards risk mitigation.  Even on the other side of the world Enron has made waves.  Increased regulations and reporting now seem to be major reasons for investing in workflow.

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