New Version of Kontinuum

We are just releasing our new version of Kontinuum Workflow.  It has plenty of goodies for 2006. 

First it has what we call the workflow modeller.  We have always been able to model our processes but the modeller is something a bit different.  It is a workflow that assists you in asking questions so that you can save time modelling exists work practices.  Once you are done you hit a magic button and it creates a framework for an as is and a to be model.  You then simply add what questions you want asked at each of the steps and voila an instant workflow application you can enjoy with the whole family.

Next there are hierarchical records.  Some of you may be using access or some other type of technology where you fill in a master record and you can hit a little expand button and then you can fill several child records.  You can also click on a collapse button which hides all the child, grandchild records.  When would you use this?  Well, say for instance I have a form that asks me for information for a country.  I also want to be able to fill out information for each of those states, provinces, counties or regions within that country.  For each of the major cities within those states I want to fill in other information and for each of those cities I want to fill in information about the suburb.  Effectively I want to capture one to many to many to many type information within the single form.  With the new version you can set up these forms and the database to store the information within a matter for minutes….minutes I tell you.

The new version is also a little more drag and droppy.  Laying out forms and workflow is just a little bit easier.
We have also added in a very pretty charting component.  Actually it is a third party charting component but we added in a interface so you can design your pretty charts over the web.

As always we have added to our library of gates and form widgets.

So far all our clients that we have upgraded have been fairly enamoured with it.  Hopefully we can have some screen shots up on the web soon.


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