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Hi my name is Craig Cameron and I am the workflow strategist for a workflow vendor .  I have started this blog for a few reasons.  One is to provide a resource for some of the latest goings on in workflow.  Another is to educate converts and skeptics on the kinds of benefits that workflow can bring.  Finally and perhaps most challenging I aim to show the more humorous side of workflow.  In real life I am an avid in-line hockey player and live in Melbourne Australia. 


2 thoughts on “Workflow weblog

  1. Hi! everything’s nice?
    I am doing a research for academic target..that consists in a comparison of some open source workflow engines..and also of some comercial ones!
    In your opinion who’s the best open source engine?

  2. Hi Marco, Sorry but I really wouldn't know the best open source ones. I can't think of any that are commercially available and open source and we usually deal with commercial software. There are many free workflow engines but I have not investigated any of them.

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